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You want to sell your yacht?

Here you can see an overview of the services we offer you.

You are very welcome to us send us the details of your yacht without obligation, we will us immediately with you report to  with you the Opportunities  of your yacht to discuss.

If you would like to sell your boat, we will conclude a yacht brokerage contract with you, in which all details regarding the term, services and commissions are regulated.

We will only charge you the agreed commission if the sale is successful. For example, if you sell your boat to your dock neighbor, the contract with us is terminated and you owe us nothing. 

ship inspection

We are very happy to convince ourselves of the condition of the yacht, so that we can give potential customers our own impression and do not rely on existing, possibly outdated photos. We take photos and make a short film while walking across the deck and inside too. 

Creation and layout of sales specification

Preparation of a sales specification in German and English.

We attach great importance to a good and professional appearance of the specification, the eye of the potential buyer should get the desire to inspect the boat at first sight.

It goes without saying that the information is detailed and correct. Additions or changes to the specification with regard to the equipment, the berth or the price during the course of the contract are always changed immediately online and offline.


If your ship is longer than 14m, your yacht will be included in the listing of our worldwide SEA INDEPENDENT cooperation at no additional cost. The sales opportunities on the global used boat market are thus far greater.

Viewings, contract negotiations and payment processing:

Viewing appointments with customers are arranged, coordinated and carried out by us after consultation. If you prefer to do the viewing yourself, we would be happy to hear from you.

Carrying out the entire contract negotiation and drafting as well as monitoring the payments and documents in trust for both contracting parties up to the handover with handover protocol. 

Yacht transports

You have decided to buy a yacht, but it is in another country or even on another continent. For years we have been working with specialized forwarders who carry out all types of yacht transport professionally, whether by sea, land or water. Our office can also organize combinations with land-sea transport and a subsequent transfer by professional crews to your berth for the buyer. We have the relevant knowledge, take care of all customs and import sales tax formalities and prepare the relevant import and export papers as well as VAT proofs.

Offer Price Determination

Determination of a realistic sales price after market analysis and in consultation with the owner.

Marketing your yacht

Publication of your yacht in leading national and international yacht sales portals, on Sea Independent and of course on our website. 

We use our many years of cooperation with international correspondent brokers to address as large a group of interested parties as possible.

Expert Opinion

We would be happy to put you in touch with a local expert - should an expert opinion be desired or required.

We work with independent, recognized or sworn experts to create meaningful sales reports. The cost of such an appraisal is money well invested. As a buyer, you can be sure that your yacht has been completely inspected by an expert, and you can always use such an appraisal in the event of a subsequent sale.

Deletion of ship registration

Your sold yacht has to be deleted from the ship register? Within the framework of the yacht brokerage contract, we take care of all the formalities for you that are related to the deletion from the respective ship register. Likewise, the new registration, also in a foreign register, can be initiated by us at the request of the buyer.

Anfrage Verkaf

Inquiry for the sale possibilities of your yacht

Please fill out the following form, thank you! We will contact you immediately!

Thanks very much!

By submitting the contact form, I agree that the Elbe 1 Yachtkontor stores and uses additional personal information that is required to answer my request (e.g. contact details, request details). My agreement can be revoked at any time.

here  you will find further information on data protection.

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