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Completion:                    October 2023

The houseboat isalready in the water, but it is not quite finished yet, see photos. Move into a new and unused houseboat! 

Type:                                Wood frame construction    


Offer price:                   NEW PRICE: EUR  349,000,-


Berth:                          Hamburg/Northern Germany

Mooring is for one yearr included in the purchase price!!




Swimming ability certificate: 25 years


Pontoon:          12.60m x 4.54m, sandblasted, inspected and coated.

1.    Corrosion protection 2-components from Juthon, 

3     Paintwork

2.    Intermediate primer

3.    2x anti-fouling paints from International Paint

4.    Upstream area: 2x black paint


Construction:             Height of hallway, bathroom and bedroom: 2.10m

                             Height of open kitchen and living room: 2.80m

Bedroom:  approx. 2.02m/ 2.50 x 2.54m

Hallway:                   approx. 2.29 x 1.57m

Bath:                    approx. 2.00m x 2.21m

Open kitchen + living area: approx. 5.94m x 4.50m

Balcony/terrace:  approx. 4.50m x 1.50m



We would be happy to send you the complete specification.

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